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 Post subject: A Preview of Sorts
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:05 pm 
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As Occupied is currently on a sort of hiatus, I've been working on a little something else, a shorter fantasy novel of sorts. Enjoy the prologue:

Swirling crimson and blue, the ocean was a war banner dyed red with the blood of champions. Peering intently at the water from the deck of a large ship, a monster of a man fingered the elaborate pommel of his sword. Much of the blood that drifted in the dark waters came from men who had tasted the blade of the leviathan man. Towering as a pillar of white fire, the tall knight’s shining mail and vermilion cloak contrasted with the dull, brown, wood.

Another man, attired similarly to the first approached from behind, his balding head shining as bright as the men's armor. “My Lord, all opposition has been crushed, and the cargo has been secured”.

“But at what cost, for what prize?” the powerful man inquired. “How do we know that this is the correct ship, that we have not spilled the blood of Banor’s merchants for naught. For they are a powerful house, with many serjeants far more numerous than our own, surely if we have made a mistake, the house of Lodor shall fall. As our house falls, so do we. Please remember that”.

“Sire, you are Duke Cyd the Invincible, surely none can match you with the blade or the bow.” the retainer replied, attempting to calm his master as a mother soothes her child. “We have used arrows like those used by the sea folk, tipper with the tails of the barbed demon rays, surely, the act shall never be traced to House Lodor, sire”.

“I suppose that this is enough, my fears are unfounded” Cyd commented thoughtfully, his yellow beard moving with his jaw. “You think well, Haldiel, return to the helmsman, implore him to return to Luminiel Port. We’ve a long journey ahead of us, and the men are weary, they cannot hold their own against the sea folk should we be caught in open waters, and we’ve a long journey to the port”.

Weaving through small clusters of sailors, the balding huscarl made his way to the ship’s captain.

White sails descended, gorging themselves on the gentle breeze.
The wind tickled red banners as a vibrant, orange, sun moved across the sky, staring intently as the eye of Odin, watching the proceedings of the world from his throne in the sky.

Moments turned to minutes, minutes to hours, as the galleon trod upon the eternal sea, that deep entity, so compassionate, yet so careless. Ignorant of the murder committed upon it’s surface not in the name of hope, or that of justice, but for a much darker cause: power.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good-Rom12:21

You'll never find a cup of tea deep enough or a book long enough to suit me-CS Lewis

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