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 Post subject: BrickForge Galaxies - Challenge 1 - What am I doing?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:16 am 
Chisel Hand
Chisel Hand

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Horrendously unedited, barely read through edition.
Main Character:
Name: Eisho Mataeni.
Age: 26.
Faction: Union.
Occupation: planetary outlaw and forester.
Background: Carrying the name of Mataeni, “marked” in the traditional legends’ language of his people, Eisho is a former warrior of the people inherent to the sprawling South Cimpini Forest. After their great confrontation with the central government’s military (see “Home planet”), most of the Forest’s citizens changed their last name to Ma’taeni, symbolic of their now outlawed status in society, and split up in loose bands of marauders and highwaymen. Though no centered resistance forces are active, the constant attacks from different banditry are taking their tolls on the other citizens of the forest and the surrounding countryside. After escaping the initial assaults on his people, Eisho is now the leader of one of these notorious little groups. Their upbringing in the forest which used to involve intensive fighting training for all boys, as well as the natural survival skills living in a harsh environment brings with it, time and again proves problematic for any attempt to wipe out the countless unorganized raiders, let alone find them.
Personality:What some would call a naturally born leader, Eisho held an averagely high status in his clan prior to the first major attempt to civilize them, and, after surviving along with very few of his clansmen, rose to his current rank without particular discussion. While some talk of a reinstatement of the old clan system, Eisho has no feelings in that direction. Very satisfied with living his life under the law of the armed man, he also sees his illegal actions as proper repayment for exiling him in the first place, not actual crimes that he should in any way be ashamed of.

Home planet:
The planet of Losalj is a relatively small example of its kind. With all major land areas split up between two continents, Cimpin and Gahhak, all of Losalj has been under one government for some hundred years. However, the government is very unstable in its leadership, and the constant struggles between politicians from various factions often leaves the outer or more unruly reaches of the planet to their own devices. An example of this is the South Cimpini Forest, which, spanning a third of Cimpin, covers roughly a tenth of the planet’s inhabitable surface. The native residents had for long lived under their own order of clans, until a short period of strength in the central leadership decided on an extensive military campaign to restore order to the Forest. This happened partially due to the supposedly large amounts of natural riches it is said to hold, and partially because the native inhabitants’ highly militaristic societies where seen as a potential threat to global stability. Proving little resistance, the foresters split up after a few days of fighting. By then, many where dead or had accepted the new leadership, while others went into hiding in the deeper reaches of the Forest, soon making use of their fighting and survival skills in various illegal activities.
With the exception of the South Cimpini Forest, Losalj is a very un-vegetated planet with few other large forests. Most of the countryside is covered in a mixture of low, rolling mountains and humid swamps, the former being far dominant in Gahhak. Cities are sparse too, while the central part of Gahhak holds the largest amount of them.

I'm not sure I'll get up a sidekick too, but I'll try. Same way, I may get time to improve what's already here. Regarding the title, I'm getting afraid I've bitten a bit more than I can chew by joining both LCC, LoB and this with the distance I have to school these days. The future will decide that, though, and for now I'll just stick to doing my best.

 Post subject: Re: BrickForge Galaxies - Challenge 1 - What am I doing?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:11 pm 
Chief Smithy
Chief Smithy
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Really cool AlbaVik!!

"I might be a few bricks short of a wall, but they are Lego bricks. Watch where you step, because they hurt like a #*%$#" :)

 Post subject: Re: BrickForge Galaxies - Challenge 1 - What am I doing?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:44 pm 
Chief Smithy
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Sounds great!

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minfig art!

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